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1 Prologis Boulevard
L5W 0G2
About this Commercial Member

Our Procurement Services Put You in Touch with Today’s Activity and Tomorrow’s Opportunities. When you optimize your food purchasing strategy, you put yourself in a position for success. As a multi-industry group purchasing organization, Foodbuy is equipped to source for all the different needs of our members. That includes everything from broad, category-based sourcing to more tactical, product-level procurement. We analyze unit-level data and closely collaborate with both members and suppliers to identify the right products and solutions, with a focus on driving efficiencies and improving profits.

Foodbuy works with Camp Members to solve their unique challenges. Foodbuy connects our Camp Members with the right suppliers for their business. Winning procurement strategies are developed through data-driven insights and collaboration to maximize value, streamline procurement, and reduce costs. Customized order guides can be created to ensure purchasing compliance.