Camp committees, directors and staff continually strive to improve their camp’s facilities, program and operation. This is a challenging job because most camps experience an influx of new people at both the board and program staff levels each year. As a result, learning how to operate a good safe camp is an ongoing process. Because camps are legally liable for the lives of the campers placed in their care, one of SCA’s most important roles is to assist people with this learning process.

In keeping with our goal of assisting camps in improving facilities, program and operation, the SCA as developed a program of accreditation. This program, with its mandatory standards and desirable practices, for all aspects of camp operations, is an educational tool designed to help camps become more knowledgeable about current government laws and safe camping practices. SCA recognizes the special differences among camps in Saskatchewan. Standards are not intended to regulate or limit the unique spirit or emphasis of any individual camp but to assist camps in evaluating and improving their facilities, program and operation. The standards are under constant review to include changes in government legislation and the concerns of the camping community.

Accreditation is the official recognition by the Association of a camp’s continued operation within the standards and desirable practices. SCA believes that every camp in Saskatchewan can benefit by going through this process. Please contact us for the hard copy of the 2018 Accreditation Manual or download the online version.

PLEASE NOTE: Camps who are currently accredited need to complete a Compliance Sheet confirming that their camp operation is conforming to the current standards in 2018.