Saskatchewan Camp Conference 2020

Partnership of the SCA and CCI SK

Everyday Mental Health Initiatives 

March 23-25, 2020

Dallas Valley Ranch Camp, Lumsden, SK

We are excited to announce the launch of a co-organized camp conference for camp professionals in Saskatchewan. This is a partnership event of the Saskatchewan Camps Association and Christian Camping International – SK. We encourage our member camps, as members of one or both organizations, to attend this event for networking, education, and a collaboration of the camping industry in our province. Please receive our invitation to attend the full conference and partake in both organization’s plenary sessions, workshops, and round table discussions.

Our upcoming conference will focus on Everyday Mental Health Initiatives as we discover the importance of understanding the mental health of our campers, our staff and ourselves. With the knowledge of workshop presenters from the Canadian Mental Health Association and keynote Dr. Timothy Quek, we are pleased to bring you experienced teaching that will invest into you and into the quality of your camp.


We invite you to participate in one of the following pre-conference workshops: (no additional cost for conference attendees)

SCA hosted workshop: 

Waterfront and Swimming Pools – How do we write effective and complete policies and other FAQs  
Presented by the Lifesaving Society

Many camps are asking the same questions when it comes to their swimming pools and waterfronts. We also know it has been getting more and more difficult to find qualified staff to supervise this part of our camp programming. This special evening event and workshop will help answer questions about legislation (updated 2012) and best practice when it comes to our pools and waterfronts. We will also hear about policy elements and items determined at the discretion of each camp, what is determined by the SCA as best practice, and where does the government determine mandatory regulations.

CCI hosted workshop: 

Huston, we have a problem” – A conversation on camp culture from a 10,000-foot view
Presented by Bradon Pihowich, Cypress Hills Camp

Camp culture is pertinent to the overall experience of camp. Culture impacts how we communicate, work together and cultivate first time experiences. Breaking down and understanding the impact all individuals and positions have within your camp can unify a team, build confidence and promote organizational health.


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