One Step Further

FEBRUARY 27-28, 2023

This year’s conference is titled One Step Further. Our aim, as we gather together to learn and network, is to equip our camps with information and education pieces that help you determine that one step further towards safer and higher quality camps. Each step builds on the last and moves us forward, toward our goals and vision. 



Ian and Amie Lewis

Lewis Health Management Consulting

Ian Lewis is an Occupational Therapist who teaches managers and employees about wellbeing at work and how they can promote others’ wellbeing. He is working on his Masters of Science of Workplace Health and Wellbeing from the University of Nottingham and serves as a Technical Committee member for the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. He is a long-time camp volunteer and board member and in the summertime can find him volunteering alongside his wife Amie in the camp kitchen.  You can learn more or follow him on LinkedIn (

Amie Lewis has been cooking for large groups for many years as a camp cook, kitchen coordinator, and the hot lunch lady at a local elementary school. She is presently on staff as the kitchen coordinator at Kedleston Gospel Camp. She has a passion for gathering people into the kitchen while not overwhelming volunteers or the budget.



Janna Bernatsky

fYrefly Program Coodinator, OUTSaskatoon

Janna is a nonbinary settler with Ukrainian heritage. They were raised on Treaty 6 Territory in Alberta, and now call Saskatoon home. They have a Bachelors of Arts Psychology Honours degree from the University of Saskatchewan and have been working in youth programming since 2014. Janna is passionate about creating safe spaces for students and teachers to learn about identity and inclusion, and they love finding creative ways to educate. They also put a strong emphasis on the importance of mental health, especially for the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Outside of work, Janna spends their free time engaging in social media activism, taking dance classes, and going on adventures with their dog, Winston.



Matt Larson

Executive Director, Arlington Beach Camp

Matt Larson is a father of 4 amazing girls and is married to a particularly special human being, Brooke. He loves time with his family, travelling, the outdoors (as long as there is some shade), hanging with his pups (Eddie and Maggie), and conversations over a pint of Guinness or a good cup of black coffee. 

He has had various roles in his employment career, including Special Education, Youth Corrections, Church Pastoral and Inter-Cultural Missions, Construction, and Full-Time Dad Duties.  Matt has been the Executive Director at Arlington Beach for a little over two years and is a lifelong member of the community at the beach. He is passionate about creating safe spaces for all people to grow and develop through each stage of the journey. 


6:00-6:45 PM  Arrival & Registration

7:00 PM  Kick Off & Main Session


Janna Bernatsky, OutSaskatoon fYrefly Program Director

Summer camp can be a life-changing experience, and safety should never be a barrier for youth to access that. In order to effectively support and care for young people of all identities, adults working with children and adolescents need to have a firm grasp on what it means to be a part of marginalized communities and how to best serve those members.

In this presentation on how to best support 2SLGBTQ youth, participants will be introduced to the foundations of identity, terminology, inclusive language/proper pronoun use, and affirming practices. Participants will also be led through group discussions that center around camp structure, policy, and 2SLGBTQ safety.

9:00 PM  Snacks & Networking


8:00 AM  Breakfast

9:00 AM Main Session


Keynote Presentation


Ian and Amie Lewis, Lewis Health Management Consulting Inc

Camps are wonderful, multi-generational hubs of relationships, volunteerism, and home to many fond memories. Unfortunately, most camps also have stories of burnout, strained relationships, and a quickly rotating door of staff and volunteers. Wellbeing of our staff and volunteers is key to running satisfying and sustainable camps. In this call to action, Ian & Amie Lewis will share important information on individual resiliency and how camps can protect the wellbeing of their staff and volunteers.

Beyond Menu Planning: Providing a Positive Food Experience at Camp

Dallas Odgers, Saskatchewan Health Authority Public Health Nutritionist 

Delve deeper than just creating meals that achieve Canada’s Food Guide. This presentation will discuss the role the camp can play in providing a positive food experiencing and fostering a healthy relationship with food. Learn your role in creating lifelong competent eaters.

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention for Summer Camps

Jessica Benson, BScN, RN

Camp nursing and all that it encompasses is often an area that is an afterthought and camps are left scrambling in emergencies. However, in recent years, the acuity of chronic conditions in the pediatric population has increased and so have parental expectations. Lack of resources in this area has led me to develop many policies and guidelines, which I will make available at the end of the session.

I will review SCA accreditation standards for emergency response and give you tips to keep your campers and staff safe and healthy! These strategies will save you time, money, stress, and most importantly ensure your campers and staff have a great week and improve parental relations. We will be covering elements such as campsite maintenance, setting up your nurse’s station, staff considerations, best nursing practices, and communication with parents.

Jessica has 20 years pediatric nursing experience and has been camp nursing for 26. Jessica and her husband Greg currently direct Ranger Lake Bible Camp.

12:00 PM   Networking Lunch & Trade Show

1:00 PM   Camp Tour

Safeguarding and Managing Mental Health in the Camp Workplace

Ian Lewis, Lewis Health Management Consulting Inc 

Workplace mental health is a hot topic – we see it in so many places. Camps are not exempt and themselves are at risk of causing harm to others and camp operations are at risk of being harmed due to poor mental health of staff and volunteers.

This workshop aims to fulfill several objectives for participants. Understand the prevalence of mental health problems in the various age groups and differences in presentation, be able to see the signs of a potential mental health problem in the workplace, how to support someone in crisis or is having difficulty, understand the primary components of a mentally-healthy workplace, and receive resources for more detailed learning for interested participants.

Board Governance – An Organization’s Journey to Maturity

Dwight Lawrence, Relationship Model Consulting 

Like human development, non-profit organizations develop capacity in
stages. Effective board governance is key to any organization’s progress
from start up stage to maturity, and to the avoidance of mission crippling

Through this workshop participants will have an increased understanding of the developmental stages of non-profit organizations, their organization as a “trust”, the difference between governance and management, board of director responsibilities, and directors’ liability.

Building Teams on the Foundation of Trust

Lorraine Lawrence, Renew Coaching & Consulting 

Employees in low-trust teams are often bogged down by internal politics and infighting. Ouch!! They are more likely to withhold information and hoard resources because they don’t feel safe sharing them. As a result, decision making is slower and less effective, and the team is well, on a downward spiral. 

In comparison, a high-trust team is one where employees feel safe to take risks, express themselves freely, and innovate. At a time when distrust seems to be the default, fostering a high-trust team has never been so important—and it often starts with leadership.

In this interactive session you will identify the stages of team development and assess where your team is on a continuum. You will learn 13 important behaviours of trustworthy leaders, and we’ll explore ways to build trust in teams.   

Navigating Your Kitchen With the Rising Costs and Staffing Challenges

Amie Lewis, Pampered Chef Senior Director & Kedleston Gospel Camp Head Cook 

A discussion around navigating a menu, grocery purchasing, and building a plan to utilize and empower volunteers.

Supporting Camp from Your Desk

Jennifer Christian, Camp Easter Seal Office Administrator

Camp Administrators are the superheroes behind all the things camp needs. They can truly be a camp’s best secret weapon!

We are a big part of the team that keeps camp running smoothly week to week and even sometimes year round.  Join us to learn and share about all the skills and tools one might need to support your camp from your desk.

4:30 PM   Closing Session



Matt Larson, Arlington Beach Camp 

5:30 PM   Supper

All conference participants are welcome to stay for supper

CCI SK kicks off in the evening!

Same location. More camp networking and learning together. (More Info)