Because We Camp!


The 2021 Saskatchewan Because We Camp! Conference is an all day, virtual event via zoom. We know this year has been challenging for the camp industry and we also know it has been a great time of learning together, leaning into the bigger camp community, and collaborating as camp professionals. Our 2021 camp conference aims to continue in this community learning, discussions, and support.   

After the financial difficulties of the past year, we are excited to offer this event FREE of charge for all SCA Members. If you are not affiliated with an SCA membership, there is a nominal charge of $15. Please register in advance so we know you are planning to attend AND to receive the day’s zoom link. 


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Dr Karyn Gordon

Dr. Karyn is the Founder and CEO of DK Leadership, a leadership & relationship expert, a dynamic motivational speaker, a best-selling author and TV personality.

A passionate motivational speaker, Dr. Karyn has delivered over 1000 keynotes to more than 1/2 million people from 15 countries – including Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, family businesses, government agencies and professional organizations. Her company recently launched “Success Intelligence: An Emotional Intelligence Coaching Program”, which is an online program to teach and measure Emotional Intelligence skills for all levels of leaders. 

With a Doctorate in Marriage & Family and specialty leadership certifications, her passion is to teach Emotional Intelligence Skills to DRIVE SUCCESS at work and at home. Her gift is speaking playfully, passionately and practically. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Karyn as our 2021 keynote speaker. 

Kick Off

9:30am – Welcome, games, and FUN announcements!

Campfire Chats


Campfire Chats are 45 minutes long with time for a stretch break between each one.

Just like we experience at camp, a great campfire includes an engaging talk from a gifted presenter, followed by a space for questions and answers. Come prepared with your questions for digging deeper and idea sharing.

10:00AM – Campfire Chat #1

Wendy Plandowski  


We are officially in UNCHARTERED territory.  2020 provided us with the motivation to create experiences in our lives and the lives of those we serve, that are simply out of bounds.  We have a choice to stay stuck in the past or move into the future with unchartered enthusiasm and potential.  This session will provide you with the tools to “sift” out the remnants of covid and find the GOLD in what we learned, leading you to prepare for the best that 2021 can offer!  Are you ready??

Wendy Plandowski is an unbridled enthusiast for community service, non profit excellence and leading from wherever you are.  She has professionally served in senior leadership positions in the community college network, non-profit sector and is currently a partner in a family business that is located on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Wendy loves sharing her experiences with others, including the mindset tools that helped her overcome adversity including a life changing cancer diagnosis in 2012.

11:00AM – Campfire Chat #2

Bev Unger RN, Director of Health & Wellness, Camp Robin Hood

This session will review considerations for a summer with COVID: What should you have in your Communicable Disease Prevention Plan? How will you handle first aid and health emergencies in a summer when you will need to physically distance?

Bev Unger, a registered nurse specializing in paediatrics and camp health care for more than 30 years, has experience in both day and overnight camps. Bev was on the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) Covid-19 Task Force and is very involved in the OCA Health Care Committee. A mom of quadruplets, Bev has a very practical approach to camp health care and has been the Director of Health and Wellness for the past 21 years at Camp Robin Hood.

Campfire Chats


1:00PM – Campfire Chat #3

Bradon Pihowich, Program Director, Covenant Bay Bible Camp

Bradon will lead us through an observational and therapeutic approach to learning to listen – Because trust me, you’re not doing it as well as you would like to.

Bradon has a BA in Child and Youth Care Counselling and has worked within camps for the last 10 years – the last 3 being full time. Bradon uses his unique understanding of child development and cognitive behavior to inform his practice. An advocate for coffee and everything ridiculous, Bradon approaches camp with an innovative mindset and values deeply rooted in vulnerable relation connection.

2:00PM – Campfire Chat #4

Christine Epp, Manager, Camp Easter Seal 

When it comes to hiring staff and accepting volunteers, what actions do camps take in order to protect our people? Building a screening toolkit for your camp beyond police checks will help manage risk.  From this workshop you will take away resources for building your camp screening toolkit and the challenge to start your plan!

Christine Epp is currently the Manager of Camp Easter Seal, the only fully accessible summer camp in Saskatchewan. Christine has over 15 years of camp management experience in several provinces and two decades of volunteer management and non-profit leadership experience. In addition to camp work, she was the director of Volunteer Saskatoon, and the Volunteer Engagement Specialist at the University of Saskatchewan. She is a frequent trainer and speaker for non-profit organizations and associations looking to effectively engage volunteers. Her passion for sound management practices, including risk management, comes from the mentorship she has received from other leaders in the non-profit sector.

3:00PM – Campfire Chat #5

Dave Horton, Operations Director, Ness Lake Bible Camp

At the start of the pandemic Dave was laid off from his camp and partnered on his own to run dozens of free community events that have served thousands. Now back at work, Dave and Ness Lake Bible Camp continue to find new ways to see and grow their base of influence and service.

Dave has been working full time in camping since 2004. He has served as a Program Director, Director and is now the Operations Director at Ness Lake Bible Camp. He has created training videos and conference content at a national level for One Hope Canada and has a passion for gathering and sharing resources and ideas in camping with a desire to see every camp succeed.


4:00pm – 5:00pm




Dr. Karyn, who has worked closely with Gen Y’s for over 20 years, strongly believes that mentorship is one of the most effective strategies for training employees. When done correctly, mentorship is the secret sauce that holds the multi-generational workforce together. Unfortunately, most Gen Y’s and their managers admit that their mentorship programs simply are not effective. Many mentees say they don’t know how to best leverage this unique relationship, and many mentors admit they don’t know how to be effective in this role.

Campfire Chat recordings, slide decks and session notes are subject to presenter permission. Where available, materials will be added to the SCA Member Dashboard.

Keynote presentation will not be recorded.