Summer 2020 looked quite different for our camps and your summer camp experience was different too. Maybe you attended a day camp, received a ‘camp box’ at home, or joined your favourite camp staff in virtual activities. During our step away from ‘business as usual’ we want to give a huge shout out to our camp leaders and volunteers who still made camp vibes happen this summer with creativity and dedication.

There were also many camps that were not able to offer any programming for their campers and all camps across Saskatchewan were unable to run overnight camp because at this time overnight camp is still not permitted under the Provincial Public Health Orders and the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan. The SCA would love to help our camps see the return of overnight camp in 2021 with the safety of campers as the top priority. One thing remains the same, SCA member camps are always in the business of offering quality and safe camp programs. They are dedicated to reducing all types of risks, including the transmission of COVID-19.



Help us ask our provincial government for safe operating guidelines for overnight camps

Who can help us advocate for the future of camp? Camp staff, summer staff, alumni, campers, parents, board members, camp volunteers, teachers, local businesses, ANYONE WHO LOVES CAMP!


The Legislative Assembly has been dissolved, and a provincial general election will be held on Monday, October 26, 2020. During this time, all seats are vacant and there are no MLAs. 

Members of the Executive Council, including the Premier and Ministers, continue in office until the Lieutenant Governor appoints a new administration.

The SCA encourages you to contact the election candidates in your constituency to talk about the future of camp. 


Process for contacting your local MLA Election Candidate: 

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar under ADDRESS LOOKUP enter your full address and click the ‘submit’ button – the Constituency Name should appear
  3. Use your Constituency Name to find election candidates. Click on your candidate’s photo for contact information:

Our ask – What you should include in your email 

  1. The note should include that you are a constituent
  2. Be to the point, firm and direct. Do not worry about it being lengthy, use your own words – this will come across as authentic. Speak from the heart.

During the election campaign make sure to ask your candidate what they will do to help camps! 

The SCA is asking two things of our provincial government at this time: 

      1. Proactive communication between the government and our camps regarding guidelines and expectations for summer 2021 as we need to have as much clarity as possible about mandated expectations before registration and hiring opens in December/January for many of our camps. 
      2. For direct financial support for overnight camps due to the mandated closure by our government
  1. Ask that they follow up with you, e.g. “I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.” 
  2. Remember to state the facts and ask for a solution – write with kindness.  
  3. CC the Saskatchewan Camps Association (, so it is clear you are working in conjunction with us. 

Success! You have just brought your camp’s needs to the attention of our provincial election candidates.

Download the PDF below with information regarding lobbying outside of the election campaign and additional instructions on how to lobby the federal government to support the advocacy efforts of the Canadian Camping Association.