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Professional Development
SCA recognizes that the quality of a camper’s experience at camp is determined, to a large extent, by the leaders who guide that camper through the program. Consequently programs and services that provide for the development of effective leadership skills continue to be a high priority for the Association. From time to time SCA provides financial grants to camps to upgrade their staff training programs. When funding is available, SCA provides financial assistance to leaders of SCA member camps who wish to attend out-of-province camping workshops and conferences.

Resources for Camp Leaders and Board Members

  •  Position Statement Endorses Camping is recommended by the Canadian Camping Association for it’s promotional value for camps. “A Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play”, developed by Professor Susan Herrington, MLA, University of British Columbia, and Dr. William Pickett, Queen’s University, is informed by the best available evidence, interpreted by Canadian experts representing fourteen organizations and reviewed by sixteen hundred stakeholders. The result – an ideal marketing tool for camping!
  •  CCA Lobbying re Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Rising Food Costs? CCA Can Help!
  •  5 Trends For the Next 5 Years of Summer Camp Management Need some new insites and ideas? Check this out. Travis Allison is a former Executive Director of five summer camps who now works as an online marketing strategy advisor and specializes in the private school and summer camp industries. His purpose in life is to make summer camp a priority for every family. This is an excellent resource for camp leaders who are responsible for developing programs and public relations tools for their camps.
  •  The Benefits of Camp
    In October 2011, Dr. Troy Glover and his research team at the University of Waterloo released a five-year study, The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project (CSCRP). It explored the outcomes of summer camp participation and concluded that “participation in provincially accredited camps promotes positive change in five key areas of development: social integration and citizenship, environmental awareness, attitudes towards physical activity, emotional intelligence and self-confidence and personal development.”
  • The Puzzle of Trends; Deciphering the Intersection of Culture and Camp
    This is a selection of articles from Insite, a publication of the Christian Camp and Conference Association based in Boulder Colorado. The articles, although written for an American audience, are very insightful reading for Canadian camp leaders who are involved in planning, programming and administration in camp and conference centers in Canada.
  • Camp, The Best Time of a Child’s Life!
    Go to the Parents Page of the Canadian Camping Association website and be inspired by several articles that promote the values of the camp experience in the lives of children and youth.
  • 9. Read more excellent articles on camping.