First Aid Responder
Camp Kadesh
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$375-$425/week + housing
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The First Aid Responder is the primary responder to all land based emergencies and medical needs. They will oversee the screening of campers and collection of medication at registration, and administering of camper medication and general care throughout the week. They will also be a responder in support of any waterfront emergency. 


  • Medication Management (50%)

    • Responsible for the administration of guest medication as outlined by their parents/guardians, and medical professionals

    • Organize and coordinate prescribed medication schedule

    • Receive and catalogue medication on guest arrival

    • Correspond with campers and parent/guardian as to the proper procedure for administration of medication

    • Return medication to parents/guardians at the end of guest stay

  • First Aid Response (30%)

    • Responsible for rapid response to a wide variety of medical emergencies.

    • Work a flexible schedule that requires evenings and mornings as issues arise.

    • Consult camp director on all medical injuries requiring advanced medical treatment.

    • To assist the Camper Support Coordinator with camper incidents as needed and to cover their responsibilities for one hour each day.

  • Administration(15%)

    • Communicate to the camp director daily first aid administration report

    • Track first aid supplies,and communicate supply to the camp director

    • Keep a medical log book of all first-aid treatment

  • Service and Participation (5%)

    • Lead aspects of staff training.

    • To work alongside the Camper Support Coordinator to educate cabin leaders and skill leaders about complexities their camper may be facing because of a known exceptionality.

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