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My name is Mike and I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by to get to know me. But first, I want to say that what you do with Camp is of incredible value. I had the privilege (and challenge) of being the Camp Director in the summer of 2021 at Cypress Hills Bible Camp. I had less than 30 days to figure out what a Camp Director did, find staff, figure out policy etc before welcoming our first crew of staff. I learned that the Camp Community is incredibly supportive and I am grateful to those Directors who took my calls and fielded my questions. I had not been to camp for many years but truly fell in love with camp and the potential that unique experience offers to youth.

Beyond that, I’m married to my wife, Alison and together we have 2 girls (14 &12). I’ve experienced the not-for-profit sector from a variety of vantage points – from being a pastor’s kid, heavily involved volunteer youth leader, church board member, program co-ordinator, associate pastor and camp director. I bring those vantage points and combine it with my strength to see potential in people and organizations. My desire is for you and your camp to see, own and move into your God-given potential to influence today’s youth with love and care.

I’m John Maxwell certified coach, trainer & speaker and more recently I’ve become a facilitator of Patrick Lencioni’s newest model – The Six Types of Working Genius. It’s here that I would love to begin our potential working relationship by doing a workshop with you, your spouse and/or your team.

The Working Genius Workshop is based on Patrick Lencioni’s newest model The Six Types of Working Genius. This model/assessment starts the conversation about the kind of work that energizes us (our Genius), how to begin to alleviate guilt & judgment within our teams, where we have ‘strength gaps’ in our team and how to improve dialogue & directives in our meetings.

Premise: There are 6 activities involved in doing any kind of work and we have Genius (work we’re good at & enjoy) in two of them, Competency (work we’re competent at w/ moderate enjoyment) in two and two activities that are our Frustration (work we’re not naturally inclined towards & find draining).

It begins with a personal assessment for each participant to complete before the Workshop.

Within the workshop we’ll discuss the 6 Geniuses (activities of work), the 3 stages of work, the value each Genius brings to the team and how this model clarifies how work gets done and how we can better utilize our strengths to be more productive but more importantly – increase our joy at work by leaning more into our strengths.

This Workshop will give you common language & clarity around how you get work done as an organization/individual. We ask our leaders to be self-aware and this tool helps us take it another step by being aware of how we operate as an organization as well!

This is great and applicable for staff, boards, couples and individuals.

Leadership & Personal Growth Coaching – Organizational health starts with the health of its leaders which is why coaching can be so valuable. My goal is not to consult or fix, creating a dependency on an outside source, but rather to challenge and support growth within a leader that is driven by the leader according to where the leader is currently at. From time to time and/or if asked, I may offer consulting if I feel it is helpful for the leader’s growth. However, my goal is for answers to be derived from the individual because that is where true personal development happens.

MasterMinds – Make personal growth a part of your culture by taking your entire team through a shared learning experience around leadership and personal growth.