Conference Schedule

Monday, March 23
6:30   Arrival & Check-In
7:30   SCA hosted workshop: Waterfront/Swimming Pool Policy Writing and Safety Information with the Lifesaving Society
          CCI hosted workshop: “Huston, we have a problem” – A conversation on camp culture from a 10,000-foot view

Tuesday, March 24
8:00   Breakfast
9:45   SCA Workshop 1: Canadian Mental Health Association – Donna Bowyer, Mental Health 101
11:00 SCA Workshop 2: Canadian Mental Health Association – John O’Connor,  Workplace Mental Health – Caring for your staff
12:00 Networking Lunch 
          Trade Show
          Camp Tour 
2:00   SCA Workshop 3: Canadian Mental Health Association – Donna Bowyer, Child & Youth Mental Health – Caring for your campers
4:00   Breakout/Round Table Sessions A 
5:30   Supper 
7:00   SCA & CCI Combined Session – Keynote: Dr Timothy Quek, “Living Beyond the Pollution”

Wednesday, March 25
8:00   Breakfast
9:00   CCI Main Session & Keynote 1 – Dr Timothy Quek, “How to Stop Pulling Your Hair Out: A Quiet Talk on Stress in Ministry”
10:45 Breakout/Round Table Sessions B
12:00 Lunch
1:00   CCI Main Session & Keynote 2 – Dr Timothy Quek, ”A Hill to Die On?  Sorry, that place is taken:  Dealing with Conflict in  Ministry”
2:45   Breakout/Round Table Sessions C
4:00   Closing Remarks